I Just Must Live a Little Longer and See How It All Turns Out


Rosemary M. Wixom has shared that β€œAn elderly woman in her 90s has watched her children and grandchildren grow up and her great-grand-children come into the world. Like many of us, she has had a life filled with sorrows, afflictions, and incomprehensible joy. She confesses that if she were rewriting her life story, she would not choose to include some of the chapters that have been written. Yet, with a smile, she says, β€œI just must live a little longer and see how it all turns out!” She continues to hold fast to the covenants on the path.”

This quote highlights a point that I feel is extremely vital for us to keep in our minds. Life is something that can be extremely difficult and painful, and although we all have moments where we are not sure how we will move on. Because we can sometimes confuse principles and feel that these types of things are occurring because of our own actions, we sometimes are slow to admit that we have these struggles, but we all have them. The key in my mind is not to deny that this is a real part of mortality, but instead I feel we should embrace that fact with the goal of steadily seeking to move forward in our attempt towards progression.