Christ Did Not Come for a Chosen Few


About 5 or 6 years ago, I began becoming increasingly interested in other religions and worldviews. Mostly I enjoyed hearing the stories and differing experiences that others have had. Sometimes, particularly in the church it can be easy to forget that we are not the only children of God, and that not only does he love all of his other children who are not in our church, which was evident as I heard the stories and experiences of others, but even that we are actually a minority in the world as members of the LDS church.

When I was younger I felt that the fact that I am a member of the church, while so many others in the church are not simply was evidence of how special I am, but as I have aged and come to a different understanding of the atonement, I am started to believe that although we do have an important role in the world, we are not the only people who will be able to benefit from the atonement.

Sister Okazaki has taught that “Christ did not come for a chosen few in favored circumstances. He is no respecter of persons. He has no quotas, no charmed circles, no special favorites. Each one of us is a precious and beloved daughter of God. Each one of us must meet and know and worship Christ as an individual, and each of us will eventually be called to account for our lives in situations where husbands and children and houses and jobs are just accessories to who we are as individuals.”

-Chieko Okazaki, Disciples, p. 91-92


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