A Place for Spiritual Things to Happen


I was recently listening to someone share the enlightening experience of climbing everest, but this person stated that although this experience was wonderful, he also believed that these types of experience can occur anywhere, and I think this is important. Sometimes people will say that they do not attend church because they feel the spirit just as strong in the mountains.

I feel that of course this would be true as God should is able to contact all of us even if we are not in the chapel or in the temple. I think that the assumption that the only reason we attend church is because it is the only place God can reach us is wrong, but I do agree that we should not forget that God does love us all with an eternal love, and wants us to seek him wherever we happen to be.

Sister Okazaki has taught that  “We don’t have to be in a sacred place for spiritual things to happen. The Sacred Grove was just a stand of trees before Joseph Smith walked into it. It became sacred because of what happened there. Where is your Sacred Grove? It could even be in your car, if that’s where you spend a lot of time thinking through problems and attuning your heart sensitively to the Spirit. Perhaps it’s while you’re out walking. Heavenly Father doesn’t save up all his spiritual experiences just for sacrament meeting or the temple.

And that’s because you’re a temple–a living, breathing, walking temple on two legs with a spirit that’s in motion, seeing the needs of many, meeting the needs of many, sometimes tuned in fully and beautifully to the indwelling Spirit of the Lord, and sometimes even forgetting that that Spirit is there.”

-Chieko N. Okazaki, Lighten Up, p. 73



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