A Few Great Master Principles


I love the focus on unity which can come from the gospel. I love the concepts of zion and commitment that we all make towards helping and caring for each other. As we attempt to learn, grow, and become better people there are various teachings that can help us be more successful in achieving the goals of the gospel. Sister Okazaki talks about some of these principles that she feels we should always be seeking to remember.

She taught that “Unity in the Church grows from a few great master principles: our eternal identity as children of our Heavenly Parents, our eternal and inescapable right and responsibility to exercise agency, the divine mission of the Lord Jesus Christ, the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith and his successors down to our current prophet, the centrality of the scriptures, and our baptismal commitment to live together as Christians, bound together by our understanding of the gospel and by our loving service to each other. But when it comes to practices–how we learn, how we pray, how we apply the teachings of prophets, what shape our service takes–in all of these, there is great room for individuality. Let’s acknowledge it and rejoice in it.”

-Chieko Okazaki, Aloha, p. 97



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