Discipline Days


This Weekend I has the chance to go to the movie theater where we saw the Church’s new film called “Meet The Mormons.” I felt that the program was interesting as we heard from various members of the church who were chosen to be highlighted.

One of these individuals was a humanitarian from Nepal who loved his country and his people and was dedicated towards helping those in need of help. He spoke about how he felt uncomfortable being recognized and highlighted as he is simply an imperfect person trying his best. I liked how he recognized the fact that he was not perfect, but that there was one aspect of himself where he felt he may be perfect. That was that he is always trying to be better. I love this attitude and feel that this is such an important point to remember, particularly at those moments of our greatest struggles.

Sister Okazaki has taught a similar point when she said that  “I’m sure you have days that are as complicated and as frustrating as those days were for me, days in which you must work hard at many demanding tasks and deal with many people. I give you this challenge: Can you make them disciple days? Can you see in each of those people a beloved son or daughter of our Father in Heaven? Can you feel the love for each one of those people that inspired the Savior to face the ordeal of the Atonement with unwavering will? Can you feel that love in your own heart? The Savior testified before Pilate: ‘To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one [and this means you, Chieko, and David, and Heather, and Jason–everyone] that is of the truth heareth my voice’ (John 18:37). Do you hear that voice? Do you feel that truth in your heart? Can I put it into other words? We are testifying of Christ when we feel his love for us and let that love take the many spontaneous forms of expression that love finds–service, kindness, a withholding of judgment, a willingness to listen.”

-Chieko Okazaki, Disciples, pp. 10-11



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