How Do We Put The Savior First Without Putting Down Other People or Their Religions?


I loved being in a singles ward. I know that there are a lot of people who do not enjoy that experience, but I felt that it was really fun to have so many people together who happened to be in similar places in their lives. However one of the difficulties that could rise was the fact that many of us were young, and thus sometimes the dialogue in Sunday school and in other meetings could be a little immature. I had one experience where we were in Elders Quorum, and before the lesson began, some of the members of our quorum were joking and for what seemed like an extremely long time they made fun of the great and abominable church which they deemed to be the Catholic Church, as well as made comments about other religions. I am also sad to say that this has not been the only time that I have heard these times of comments in a church setting.

However I feel that most people do not feel this way, and can recognize the incredible amount of good and truth that other religions have, and yet I think more common is an uncomfortable ambivalence in how we are to act towards those who believe differently from ourselves. My hope is that as we attempt to be good friends and neighbors, we can move past this need to make ourselves better than others, and instead seek merely to be kind and loving towards those in our lives. Sister Okazaki made a great related point when she asked the following question. “How . . . do we put the Savior first without putting down other people or their religions? We don’t have to insist on being right all the time. When my parents drank tea, I sat with them and drank hot water. Make compromises. Find ways to Minimize the areas of conflict. Don’t retaliate. After all, you want your family to see that you’re a better, happier person as a result of belonging to the Church.”

― Chieko Okazaki, Lighten Up, p. 98-99


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