May We Offer Our Willing Hearts


In the beginning of my faith transition at the point where I least understood my place in the church and whether I would be able to continue as a member of the church, one of the problems that I didn’t feel like I belonged. At that point I was question everything, and to make things worse, I saw and heard many people expressing that if people don’t like the ways things are in the church they should just leave. The problem was that I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to move forward with faith. I wanted to keep trying. I wanting to test whether this path was the right one for me, but I didn’t know how. For example if I couldn’t say “I know this church is true.” Could I no longer teach, participate in testimony meeting etc.

However as time moved on I began to feel empowered as I began to feel strongly that God wanted me to be in this church. With that recognition I began to want to participate more, and as I did that I felt wonderful blessings come to me. I believe that it is important for all of us to always remember that all we can give is what we have, and part of the journey is that seeking to give our own widows mite, no matter how little we think it may be.

Sister Linda J. Burton has taught us that “As true disciples, may we offer our willing hearts and our helping hands to hasten His work. It does not matter if, like Brynn, we have only one hand. It does not matter if we are not yet perfect and complete. We are devoted disciples who reach out and help each other along the way.”


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