The Same Person Wherever You Are


When I was growing up there were various individuals that I would see in church who I would idolize.  I felt that these people had it all figured out and I was inspired by their incredible examples. However later down the line I got to know some of them a little bit better and I was shocked to see their humanity come through. I was puzzled by the different ways these people would present themselves at church. While they were there they were incredible, but in real life they seemed to turn that off and act in ways that were shocking to me. Since these experiences are prevalent I think President Thomas S. Monson’s advice is very relevant. He said “Brethren, are you the same person wherever you are and whatever you are doing—the person our Heavenly Father wants you to be and the person you know you should be?”

With that said I think we all also need this reminder because this trap can be so easy to fall into. Are we always seeking to treat those around us as Christ would treat them, or are we simply doing so when it is convenient? I know that I this is something I can do better. I believe that as we are seeking to reach our goals in our lives, we must be extremely careful to always be making sure that we are living according to our best selves.


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