We Lose Sight of God’s Objectives


“Believing Christ” was a paradigm shifting book for me, and was very influential in helping me to begin looking at the gospel in a different way. One thing that is discussed in that book is a story of the author’s wife, while he was a Bishop. The story consists of her feeling the tremendous pressures of all of the differing things that we are expected to do in this church, including commandments, but also simple cultural expectations. She felt as if she had failed, and that there was no hope that she would be able to achieve the goals that she was so desperately seeking to reach.

Robinson addresses this concern by clarifying and discussing the atonement in greater detail, and in helping us to gain a greater trust in the sacrifice and gift that has been given to us all. I believe that it is so easy for us to become overwhelmed, but the problem is that this anxiety causes us to lose focus on what is actually important. Richard G. Scott taught this by saying “God’s purpose is “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” That is fundamental to all we do. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things that we find fascinating or become so consumed by mun­dane responsibilities that we lose sight of God’s objectives.”

My point is that we need to maintain that focus on what is most important, which to me is the development and growth that we are working towards as familial units. I hope that we can recognize that the gospel provides us incredible hope, and that as we are seeking to implement the instructions meant to help us on this path, that through this focus we can better deal with the difficulties that come our way.


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