All Truth is Part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ


There is a popularized scientific thinker who passed away in the late eighties whose name is Richard Feynman.  Although I have my critiques of him, I have been highly impacted by some of the ways this individual approached science. He once taught that “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.” This is a perspective that I highly feared when I was a younger person, as I felt that there were many things that I believed in that I felt were true, which some claimed to be dispelled by science.

As I have grown up and gained more complex understandings of both the gospel and of science, this approach towards science has become something extremely important to me. Now perhaps I will need to spend more time in the future talking about differing problems that this brings up, but here I want to focus on the point that I have come to believe that there is a great deal of room to have this type of understanding in the church, and even that Mormon theology actually points me towards feeling that this scientific perspective is needed.

Mormonism teaches us that we are to seek truth, and even that we are to accept truth from wherever it comes from.  Russell M. Nelson has taught us this in a way that I feel is important to consider. He said “Whether truth emerges from a scientific laboratory or through revelation, all truth emanates from God. All truth is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


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