One by One


I once attended a concert of Lds musician’s in which John Bytheway was hosting. There was a point where John spoke about a chapter in 3rd Nephi in which Christ allowed those attending to come up to him one by one and see and touch the marks in his hands. I was struck by this thought of how many individuals could have been there, and I felt inspired by the thought that even had the amount of people there been exponentially greater, I believed that Christ would have still wanted to see all of them.

I love this idea that Christ deals with us all in a one on one basis, which is illustrated by Carlos Amado who said “His preaching was simple, and even though multitudes followed after Him, His ministry always consisted of blessing people one by one.”  I believe that this recognition of the humility and love of Christ is compelling. I also believe that this is such an important example for all of us as well seek to be better followers of Christ. I feel that it is so easy for each of us to move through life holding tightly onto our preconceptions, one of which can be the ways we engage with other, which tend to be highly influenced by strong categories. It is my hope that we can fight those tendencies and be able to approach each other in personal one on one basis and to be able to create the relationships that God would have us create.


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