Take the Time to Read the Conference Messages


I like having themes, and thus as I have been pondering the various quotes I could pull from for this project, I have been thinking of themes that may be fun to pursue. It may be cool to do a Month of Elder Uchtdorf Quotes, or a Month of Past Relief Society Presidents, or to focus more on certain topics to make it possible to have a wide array of differing quotes. Today I was reading the Ensign and my eyes ran past this quote by President Monson where he said “take the time to read the conference messages when they . . . are printed in coming issues of the Ensign and Liahona magazines, for they are deserving of our careful review and study.”

With that in mind, I believe this month I will be taking all of my quotes from the general conference talks of April 2014. I will attempt to have a quote from every talk, although that may not be possible. This general conference I felt that there were many talks that inspired me to want to be better. Thus I feel that there will be value in us going through these materials with careful review and study in order to help us remember some of the wonderful teaching that can truly help us to be better people. I hope you enjoy the quotes from this month.


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