You are Needed by Your Church


One of my favorite concepts in the church is centralized around this idea of Zion. I love the idea that we are all needed, and that perhaps what we are trying to do in the church is to create this community where we are all working together towards growing, improving and seeking to return to the presence of God. However there are moments that many face, be them anyone who could be seen as falling outside of the boundaries of what you would expect in a traditional member of the church.

Some of these people are feminists, gays, scientists, intellectuals, people who have been divorced, people who struggle with mental health, or so forth. Some of those who may be seen as on the borders can be seen as threats, and it can be tempting to want to respond to them by teaching them how they need to repent and thus come to the correct position in the church, but I believe that Elder Uchtdorf has demonstrated a much more loving response that I think we all need to pay attention to.

He has said “Perhaps you might think that you are not needed, that you are overlooked or unwanted, that you are nobody. I am sincerely sorry if any priesthood holder feels this way. Certainly you are not overlooked or unwanted by your Heavenly Father. He loves you. And I tell you with certainty that you are needed by your Church.”

I would second Elder Uchtdorf  by saying that if you feel as if you are not wanted in this church, although it may be a fairly small thing, you are wanted by me.


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