There Is Power Within Us


One of my favorite aspects of Mormonism is the concept of Eternal Progression. I love how thought provoking it is to imagine an eternity of seeking to be better. However I believe that something which is just as powerful is the incredible moment that begins any process of progression. I believe that there is something within us all, perhaps it is the spirit, which pushes us towards being better. One of the reasons we often lose focus on the power of the atonement is because we love to discuss and ponder ways in which we can begin to move forward on that progression. We discuss commandments, commitments, covenants, etc to push us on that path, but I believe that there is value in this focus on becoming, as there is a power within us all to reach incredible heights as long as we are willing to reach.

Karen Lynn Davidson once taught us that “The sisters and brothers who find the power within to perform amazing feats of courage, ingenuity, and faith have usually started out as ordinary people, probably unaware of their power until a challenge brought it forth. Each of us is entitled to the comfort and pride of knowing we have those powers within.“

Life can be difficult, and sometimes it can feel compelling to simply sit by and allow ourselves to sleep through the restoration, as Elder Uchtdorf has taught. However I hope that we can remember that there is true power within each of us to reach incredible achievements, if we will but reach in and claim that power that we have been promised.


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