Thy Kingdom Come

The other night I was reading a blog post discussing the excommunication of Kate Kelly. There were aspects of it that I really appreciated. The author talked about how we should stand by Kate even if we do not stand with her. There was even a message requesting that those who agree with Kate stay in the church. However I feel that one of the criticisms against the Ordain Women group applied to her post. To me it was not necessarily what the author was saying that bothered me, but instead the way she was going about it.

Throughout her post it felt as if she had a strong dislike for Kate and desire to authoritatively point out every flaw in a way that I felt was uncharitable. I admit that I may have read too much into it, but the whole thing felt bitter, too strong, and even insincere. She even stated that if people even have compassion for Kate, or think that she may be misunderstood, then this in itself is a signal that the person may be on a slippery slope towards apostasy. Simply put it felt mean to me. Why do we feel the need to attack those who are different? Perhaps it appears that I am doing that here, but I don’t think I am. In the same way that I disagree with Kate Kelly, but defend her right to be included and loved, I feel the same way about this author. I just think we need to learn how to express our differences of opinion in kinder ways.

John Taylor once expressed the need for transformation from the ways of the world to the ways of God, and I think it applies here.  He said “What is the meaning of “thy kingdom come”? It means . . . that there is a God who is willing to guide and direct and sustain his people. . . . Thy kingdom come, that the confusion, the evil, and wickedness, the murder and bloodshed that now exist among mankind may be done away, and the principles of truth and right, the principles of kindness, charity, and love as they dwell in the bosom of the Gods, may dwell with us.”


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