Don’t Follow a Statement Unless You Have Found It to be True

“Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet He knows the way” is a song that we sing with and teach to our children in primary. I do not particularly mind the song, and actually I have very fond memories that centralize around it. I believe that these kinds of messages are good at helping us understand a prophet’s role, and to help us develop trust in God. However I feel that it is extremely important to be clear with our children what this does not mean.

I believe that many of our problems in our culture is by lazily interpreting the messages of our leaders, which often leads to us believing that they have made claims that they have not made. I have seen many take these types of messages to suggest, although not in these terms, that we should turn off our brains and simply do what we are told. Not only do I believe this is a wrong interpretation of what we should be doing, but I feel that taking leaders counsel without pondering and seeking confirmation from God can be a dangerous practice.

Hugh B. Brown gives wonderful counsel in this regard to help us better understand our role as we seek to follow our leaders. He said “While all members should respect, support, and heed the teachings of the authorities of the church, no one should accept a statement and base his or her testimony upon it, no matter who makes it, until he or she has, under mature examination, found it to be true and worthwhile.”


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