We Have to Be Patient

A member of my Stake Presidency shared a wonderful story with us the other day. He was talking about his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and how he had a different experience than what others seem to normally have. He said that until he was about 40 years old he never felt a confirmation that the Book of Mormon was true. He was active in the church and had a testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration, but the Book of Mormon was something that he took on faith. He had a desire, but he told himself that maybe this is something he would never be sure about.

One night for family home evening he was about to retell his family that he had never received a confirmation that the Book was true, but that he still believed that it was. However as he was about to say those words he had an emotional and spiritual experience which was exactly what he had been hoping to receive during his whole life. The main point of his story is that throughout our lives, and particularly as we are seeking to gain further insights and faith, we need to be patient. Glenn L. Pace once taught that “Some truths are revealed gradually over a period of days, weeks, months, or even years. We have to be patient and wait for the witness to come.”

I love this teaching and reminder that we must not approach these matters with dogmatic and unchanging expectations, but instead should approach these types of hope with faith.


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