Seeking to Become

I believe that it is a mistake when we focus too much on “what we know” vs. what we are. I am currently preparing to take the Graduate Records Exam which is a standardized test for those seeking to get into graduate school. I have huge stacks of vocabulary words, as well as books full of information which could help me to do well on the test. There are a few strategies in gaining the information needed. You can just read through the words, for example, over and over attempting to memorize them. This would be a way to “know” what the words mean. This is a time intensive strategy and to be frank it is not very effective.

A better way is to attempt to apply those words into your life. Attempting to use them in correct contexts, and to more specifically become a person who has and uses a better vocabulary, is much more valuable than just memorizing some facts. I believe this applies to Mormonism. It is one thing to know, even if you have a certainty of what you know, and another of being the type of person who applies that which they learn. Dallin H. Oaks has taught us “Whereas the world teaches us to know something, the gospel teaches us to become something, and it is far more significant to become than it is to know.”

I think it is valuable to ask ourselves whether we are seeking to know or are seeking to become? Are we seeking to have a certainty or our testimonies, or are we seeking to be more loving and Christ like disciples?


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