If We Have the Truth, It Cannot Be Harmed by Investigation

A few testimony meetings ago, a kind and well intentioned women in my ward stood up to share her testimony. It was obvious that something in her family had been troubling her in tremendous ways. She shared with us that a family member had begun to struggle with their faith. This family member had come into conflict with complex and difficult information causing them to feel the need to leave the church. This woman attempted to engage the person but expressed a darkness that she felt as the family member expressed their concerns.

I would never want to make light of the difficulties and pain this women was feeling, but she followed this up by expressing a concern about the internet, and she stated that there are many who are attempting to attack truth and desperately want to destroy it. She stated that the information shared on these websites was simply full of lies, but we need to be careful because they are venomous and extremely dangerous.  Her remedy for this information was to avoid it like the plague. She even said that if you have loved ones who are struggling with these things, do not even engage them as their doubt can be infectious.

Again with all the respect I can muster, I simply disagree with this approach. I believe that this avoidance can cause more harm than good, and most of the time when people are struggling, they just want to be validated, supported and loved. Instead I share the opinion of President J. Reuben Clark who said “If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed.” I feel that we strongly need to move forward with faith, as we are taught “Do what is right let the consequence follow.”


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