We are at Home with Science

I am a psychology major and I absolutely love science. To me we live in this exciting time where scientific development is growing at incredible rates and yet there is so much that we simply do not understand. I love studying brain research as well as looking into the complex social mechanics that we all engage in. Often my pervious assumptions are challenged and I am forced to change my mind, but that is exactly what I love about science.

Growing up in the church I happened to be raised in a family that had strong hesitations about science, and felt that whenever a scientific experiment and a religious assumption came into conflict we should abandoned the experiment as it must obviously be flawed. As I have become better acquainted with the scientific process I now see that approach as strongly problematic, and unnecessary.

Hugh B. Brown puts it extremely well when he says “We are at home with the most advanced truths discovered by scientists and with all competent philosophic thought—with truth wherever found—because our religion enjoins in us a love of knowledge and education, encourages us to seek understanding through the broadening of our vision and the deepening of our insight.

I think many of us come to misunderstandings of science and how we should engage with it as faithful members of the church honestly. I am so grateful for leaders like Hugh B. Brown who are able to push us beyond our assumptions and show us that we can play an important role in the scientific arena. We do not need to fear truth.


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