Fear of Truth

About six years ago I started to go through my faith Crisis/transition. As it felt like everything I believed in was crashing down around me I felt a great amount of fear. I remember thinking “maybe I should just stop learning about these troubling things and just remain blissfully unaware of the problems and complexities that exist in my faith.” I felt that this was a compelling answer to my struggles, and yet there was something about doing so that felt so wrong. I thought that if we really believe that the church has the truth that I felt it did, why should I fear? I did not want fear to guide my life, thus I decided to simply move forward with faith.

One day I felt extremely supported about my decision to follow the evidence and to let it lead me where I need to be. I read a quote from Obert C. Tanner indicating that we must not fear truth. He said “There is nothing to fear now, unless it be a faith that is so weak it fears honest inquiry. Only those not certain of the Gospel’s eternal truths are afraid of questions, and doubts, and seekers of truth. Those with a testimony of the Gospel’s great and noble standards revealed from God will never have but love and encouragement in their hearts for others who would pioneer for new truths or struggle to comprehend old truths.


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