Absolute Certainty

“I know this church is true without even a shadow of a doubt” is a phrase often heard as we share our testimonies together in church meetings. Although these testimonies are sincere, and often beautiful, and I would not want to challenge the certainty of those who share something so important to them, some of us sit back wondering what it is that we are doing wrong. Some of us struggle with everything we have to gain a sure knowledge, and yet fail as we recognize question after question that demands faith instead of knowledge.

Recognizing the difficulties involved with this desire for absolute certainty, B. H. Roberts once asked “Would absolute certainty be desirable? “Know ye not that we walk by faith, not by sight,” is Paul’s statement. From which I infer that this very uncertainty in the midst of which we walk by faith, is the very means of our education. What mere automatons [people] would become if they found truth machine-made, of cast-iron stiffness, and limited, that is to say, finite, instead of being as we now find it, infinite and elusive . . .”

This thought experiment is important to help us see that there is beauty in this journey of uncertainty, and perhaps that is exactly something God intends to be a large part of our journey.


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